MB, my views are tainted by having lived over a decade in the Denver metro area.
Rush hour comes and everything stops. And that’s without panic or danger.
EMP happens, few will be moving even if their cars work, just from the snarled roads and abandoned cars.

The mountain passes are hard enough normally, now snarl the roads, add some weather, hunger and bad attitudes, the bad guys will be having a bad day. Add to that, most rural Coloradans are armed and willing.

But say they come North to Cheyenne after Ft Collins/Greeley.
There’s a lot of unfriendly country between there and the rest of the state.

There’s things people don’t think about, especially concerning the distances and country. There is some very good reasons people don’t live everywhere here, it gets downright hostile much of the year if you don’t know the land. Zipping through at 80 mph doesn’t give a true showing of the country. Water doesn’t exist in many places, hostile critters, etc.

Unlike Iowa, Missouri or Nebraska, which one can walk across fairly easily, our country itself is a killer.

I also don’t expect Cheyenne, Laramie or Rawlings to just fade away.
There are more long range shooters here per capita than anywhere else, and they’re used to shooting antelope and jackrabbits, small targets that move fast.

That covers much of the East.

The West? SLC is not a worry, and we would most likely get aid from there considering our demographic.

North and South, there’s nothing except little Burg’s.

Location, location, location.

While we can’t grow squat, we have meat on the hoof and are out of reach from many.