This roving horde thing.
Always had a problem with it.

Assuming that the “usual” happens and people stay in place until the food runs out. The normalcy bias.

How many of these starving people will have the strength to go door to door let alone become a horde?? After a week??

Since those who live in the houses the hordes are looking at have been eating the food, not just looking at it, the food will be just as gone as everywhere else. But they’re not burning calories out roving. And they have all their gear and motivation to hold onto their stuff.

Short of a zombie apocalypse where people change or die before they can eat the food, there will likely be little at best.

And this time of year, few hordes rove far at 20f. The mad Max fantasy is just that.

Me I’m concerned about the tweaker and his girlfriend.
Now and then they are the risk we all face.