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use of area denial deterrents, some as old as caltrops, trip wires ,thorny bushes as modern as magnetic field detection grid. use of loud noises (or dogs) can be effective till more hardened resistance comes. Then you will have to choose what is morally right, and what is legally, Just remember you will have to live with yourself after, Drones and remote cameras are a tremendous force multiplier along with radios and the ability to use them wisely.

stock razor wire it is cheap the rusty surplus stuff, shiny is nice rusty makes everyone cringe.

learn from the criminals do box windows ” fake one” with scrap wood from pallet you can make your steel core door not break after 12 + hits from a door breaker LE style. but if you have glass next to it how long before that gets broken and a hand reaches for the lock? do you have other lock pins in place. do you have an clear line of sight of your front door? your backdoor? have a cage or materials for a second door right behind the first. using nothing more than heated sand and an air compressor you can make a confined space a nightmare

do you have window covers? can you survive a immolation event? How many sand bags do you have?

bamboo grows crazy fast dont like that do black berriers… 3 coils high razor wire and then have bamboo/ black berry grow through it…stupid hard to get through impossible without noise or with any speed even in a heavy truck only have to worry about heavy equipment but you can hear that.