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There will be foraging in those days. People will go from house to house to house, looking to see what they can find. Think of the NY prison escapees going through the mountains last year, breaking into cabins, homes, etc., looking for whatever they could find. Think of Eric Rudolph while he was on the run, and others in similar circumstances. Then multiply that times nearly 100% of the population in a region, or an entire nation – in dire circumstances, where there are NO food delivery trucks to the local markets, no dumpsters to dive because nobody throws out anything. Our homes (or hideouts) become potential resources to much of “everyone else.” Selco has described it well – from real experience. It’s deadly. And even in rural areas, wherever there’s a road, someone has been traveling along it for a reason. People live and work along roads. They literally become “road maps” to our homes. When the “pickin’s” in town become slim to non-existent, people fan out. It’s survival then, not convenience, and distance becomes a minor factor for all but those willing to roll over and die. New “gangs” will form simply for mutual survival purposes, and they will expand their reach as necessary for that survival. Indeed, the hordes will be searching for the hoards (ours).