Hi Jay,

Thanks. Ohh. The looting started right away. In fact, I would not have known the word if not because of Typhoon Haiyan. When I stared out of the window, people were carrying bags of ready-to-eat food i.e. canned goods, instant noodles, etc., I thought at that moment how fast the government was. But I realized, why are people such in a hurry? Why do the keep going back? Why would I see chairs, kitchen utensils, toys, if they were immediate relief efforts from the government. We then found out right then and there that it was the nearest supermarket that people were feasting on.

These people were of all sort – poor, rich, politicians, businessmen. When Robinson’s Place Tacloban, the biggest mall in Tacloban City, was looted the night up until the third day post Haiyan, people didn’t know the CCTV cameras were still working. So when the mall’s supermarket reopened last December, there were rumors that captured footage of people looting were exposed. There was even one who was recognized as working for the local government in Tacloban who was spotted stealing the hundred thousands’ worth of jewelries. How shameful. Businessmen of nearby towns also participated. They brought with them trucks so they could grab a whole lot of stuff. Some who didn’t have cars with them grabbed grocery carts and filled them with everything that they could reach. People were seen carrying piles of flat screen televisions over their heads. No one was fighting over such items because they were able to satisfy themselves with probably more than we can imagine.