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MB, yes that’s correct. It would require electricity to run the Food Saver. However, we were fortunate enough to get a marvelous little device at no cost to us ($500 retail, but available for less on Amazon) that we intend to use for any number of things. It’s a Goal Zero Sherpa 50 power kit that includes a power supply, inverter, and folding solar panel. I’ve used the Food Saver for multiple items at a time powered by it and the Food Saver didn’t draw down the battery enough to show that it even needed recharging. I don’t know that I would have originally paid even the Amazon $365 price for the kit if I’d had to purchase it myself, but now that we’ve got it, I’m very glad to have it (extremely portable, taking up very little space so it can go in a quick bug out situation and is already loaded in our kits, and it holds a good charge for many months). This way we can use a number of 110v devices that don’t draw too much power from time to time.

Thanks for the source on the lids (never really explored Lehman’s before – neat place!). That bulk price is much better than what Amazon sells the Ball lids for, and we have a hard time even finding them locally for some reason. I think we’ll also get a pack of the reusable ones too – nice back up, at minimum, though we’ve found that we can re-use metal lids with the Food Saver if we very carefully and slowly pry them up with an old fashioned hand-held bottle opener with just enough force that after several seconds the seal breaks and we let the air in slowly – VERY little distortion on the lid that way. We go through lids fairly quickly now that we use the vacuum device frequently.