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Small thing this week, but we got a number of additional Food Saver containers for vacuum storage of foods, etc. We’ve learned to love our Food Saver over the years, and highly recommend also getting the canning jar adapter(s) so canning jars can also be used for storage. Half-gallon jars are very handy for many things! Just attach the hose to the unit, push the jar attachment on the canning jar with the metal lid (not the screw on cap, however), and suck the air out! Then screw on the cap just to better secure the metal lid if you want, and it’s done. The canning jars can be washed in a dishwasher and reused countless numbers of times. (We’ve gone almost entirely to wide mouth jars, even in the small sizes, finding them easier to work with such as during filling. You may only want to get the wide mouth jar adapter if you decide to get one.)

While the glass jars can be broken, unless someone is fairly careless they should last indefinitely. Only the inexpensive canning jar lids would need occasional replacement. The Food Saver brand plastic storage containers are much more resilient, but I’ve read reports of them cracking over time. Thus far, we’ve not experienced that. One canister we like particularly is round and tall, and large enough to store a head of lettuce. We’ve had a head of lettuce store in that container for two weeks, without browning, wilting, or showing any signs of becoming inedible. I’m sure it has lost some nutrient value, but certainly not nearly as much as just sitting the lettuce in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. And once we’ve used some, we can just return the remainder of the head of lettuce to the container and re-vacuum.

If you don’t have a vacuum device, personally I’d recommend the Food Saver because it’s been highly reliable, and even Amazon shows a very good review level. Once you get the hang of it, they’re very easy and rather quick to use. We don’t use their storage bags as much as we used to, but always keep a supply on hand for when it is needed. Oh – and the heat sealer can be used to reseal any number of other bagged products (such as chips). You can’t draw air out of those, but you can at least reseal them simply by sticking them in the front edge of the Food Saver – it’ll seal most types of plastic bags.