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While this thread has been inactive for quite a while, and it went in many directions during its course, I believe the basic premise is still – if not even more – relevant and worth discussion. What prompts this on my part is my growing anger over the mis-reporting of the Apple vs. FBI “feud” concerning the now infamous cell phone.

I’m sure it’s still out there somewhere, but I wasn’t willing to spend all morning looking for it again. However, I saw the actual court order aimed at Apple, and it isn’t what’s being reported in the media (no surprise). This is being framed as Apple just trying to make a marketing event out of the issue, and Apple being more worried about selling iPhones than national security. In fact, Apple HAS proposed to continue (they already did earlier) working with the government in providing the contents of the San Bernardino terrorists’ iPhone. What the court order says is that Apple is to give the government the MEANS with which to access the contents of the phone – which amounts to a master key to every iPhone everywhere in the world. The government publicly denies this, but I’ve seen and read the court order – it’s short, and any 5th grader with at least 3 digits in his or her IQ could understand it. It’s exactly what Apple says it is – a government order allowing the feds to have a means to get into the phone (and therefore any iPhone) themselves, rather than allowing Apple to develop the program to get in, provide the information on the phone to the government, and thereby leaving the security of everyone else’s iPhones alone. Apple is willing to work out such a solution from their own statement that I read (if accurate), but that is unacceptable to the government – they want to be able to access ALL iPhones, and blatantly misrepresent what the court order clearly means.

Enter The Donald. Trump is now calling for a boycott of Apple products until Apple bows to the government.

My preparedness plans? IF Apple prevails, our Androids (very insecure) are going in the trash, and we’ll both convert to iPhones. If Apple does not prevail and the government gets the keys to the kingdom and every door in it, then it doesn’t really matter. We’ll continue using our Androids at 3G speed, since we don’t do a lot more than make calls and check Google Maps. It’s the principle of it, if nothing else.

Another reason not to support Donald Trump, and another reason to support a company that will go toe-to-toe with Uncle Sam in support of the 4th Amendment. If it helps Apple’s profits, good for them. We’ll help them with two purchases and flip off Google at the same time (whichever meaning – or both – of that term someone chooses to infer from it).

So yes – I concur with the title of this thread. If the cops (FBI in this case) rule, the Bill of Rights is a worthless addition to the already mortally wounded Constitution.

P.S. Note that use of the iCloud for storage is NOT secure. Apple already helped the government access what was saved to iCloud by the San Berdoo terrorists. But they stopped saving things to the iCloud a month before their attack, thus the belief that there could be a wealth of information inside the phone itself (which is in government hands – and that’s why THEY want the program to crack it). Always be aware of the personal security aspects of ALL electronic (or even written) documents, databases, etc.