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Dragged and limed the big pastures – 4 paddocks left. Over-seeding them again this year to improve them.

Finished spray foam insulation of loft area of rear run in – in case need to use it for bug out it will be insulated if cold, Finally got solar panels hooked up in it.

Finally got tank in the ground for gas storage – hopefully get it back-filled this weekend. Then of course have to fill it.

Started the next round of seeds in the greenhouse for the garden

Got apple and fruit trees pruned/lined potato trenches with manure so be ready to plant in March.

Installed the drain pipes in the wallipini I got dug this summer, This a necessity because melting snow and rain was degrading the hole quickly. Only got the hole dug last year – time ran out. So progress and hope to finish this spring.

That took all my spare time. Never enough time right?