Got hunting licenses bought!
If nothing else, this fall we will have a freezer jam packed with venison.
Can’t throw a stone here without hitting a doe or two.
Last year it wasn’t finding them, but choosing which one to shoot that was the problem.
Between the kids and us, we’re looking at 300+lb of deboned meat from deer alone.
Then there’s the antelope and elk…… Gonna need a bigger freezer.

Going to need more dehydrator trays and vacuum bags before then.

Picked up another 1000+ .40 cases thanks to local LE, I love it when they use our range.
A: I get to keep the brass
B: I get to shoot with them

Got the plans for the kids AR’s finished. My new one (replacement) is almost done.
Loaded a bit more 8mm Mauser, need to get around to bedding the stock soon as it warms up a bit.

The ‘new’ garden plans are coming along, but with another 2″ of snow last night, it may be a while before I see the grass let alone start gardening.