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One of the more interesting lunch time discussions happened when the company nurse sat at our lunch room table and we started chatting about surface stuff, the weather, musical pop culture. We then we touched on the jittery conditions developing where terrorists are making civil life a thing of the past. She leaned in and told me that her brother who is a newly retired military officer shared over this past Thanksgiving dinner, he knew that a serious issue was brewing and that he would want his family to start buying more food and bottles of water, and keeping money in the house, medicine, full gas tanks so they could get as quickly as they could to his big brick home with a gate all around it. She didn’t say “what it was” but that it could be grid related she hinted at. I occasionally do start asking her about anything “else,” she just says we all need to get right with the Lord, and she just moves on to how she wants to learn more about gardening, etc. It small conversations like this that makes me think people are seeing a threat developing–and that means more are waking up.