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tweva, most people never stop to think about how the world around them functions nor how it came to be the way it is. They live in the moment and assume that moment will continue uninterrupted. The masses won’t know what hit them when SHTF comes. Every governmental or organizational disaster preparedness plan I have ever seen assumes they can procure the supplies and other support they need when the event occurs. Events are always assumed to be small scale enough for that to occur and events are always of sufficiently short duration for that to occur. When I walked through the little cemetery dating from the latter 1700’s in my hamlet I saw the graves of many young women in their teens and 20’s and many babies and toddlers. I knew why that was so. Most would only see the interesting old tombstones if they bothered to look at all. The realities of a world without modern medicine would not occur to them.

Those folks who think the bank has cash enough for all will line up just like the folks did back during the Depression, completely unaware that banks hold even less cash now than they did back then. And they’ll be just as shocked when they can’t get in the door. I keep a certain amount of cash tucked away just in case. I’d venture a guess that a major part of the population could not fill their gas tank or buy a week’s groceries if suddenly they could only do so with cash. Most of us here are old enough to remember the oil embargo of 1973 with the ensuing gas lines and all. How quickly that can occur has always been in the back of my mind and it is the rare day that I go below half a tank.

You would think that after the financial crisis of 2008 that folks would be thinking this through more, but it doesn’t seem they are.