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Mountain Biker- I am sure you have spares for your bike. And, I am happy you are in an area with horse people. AND, I am sorry if I was a bit strenuous – yesterday was a horrific day,not that that is an excuse. Please forgive me. Yes, horses do take care and you are always learning something with them. But then I love them, so it’s hard for me to put myself in place of someone who doesn’t/or hasn’t been around them lots.

Where I live is far too hilly/mountains and too many roads are gravel for me to even think about a bike. The paved roads would all take me to places I would not want to go during bad times. As I age, a horse is going to be a great help. A harness, they pull logs out of woods. Attach a sledge, they can draw loads of material about. I can work them from the ground easily. Or, I can attach a cart or surry and ride along with them. If things go bad, and I live long enough to see things settle, will come in handy for me or whomever is left to be able to resupply from somewhere.

They come in very handy for me even now. Our community group does all our perimeter trail work on horseback. This summer, my mule pulled the remains of a dock gone a muck out of a large pond onto land for a friend. A tractor could not have gotten there. Then there was yesterday. Ice storm. On top of 6″ of snow. 15F. Vehicle that had no need to be on the road, lost control, hit disabled snowplow head on. County sheriff neighbor called our group (he part of). They couldn’t get vehicles there but knew other poorly informed people would no doubt me out trying to drive and make matters worse. If you have a good horse, with the right shoes, you can help and we did.
Blocked both ends of roads to stop more dumb drivers well before the wreck – and we could get out of their way as they slid about to a stop. Worse, we pulled what was left of the vehicle off the dump truck plow so when helicopter rescue came they could get to driver. Unfortunately, he was dead. It was awful. But thank goodness for the horses. they helped when few other ways of transport could.

Anyway, I hope you can get to know your horse loving neighbors….they will certainly come in handy! ;)