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Have you ever checked out “Round Pen Reasoning?” It is an older book, but it helped to keep me from getting as buggered up as I did before trying that method. When I first started breaking horses I used to cross Scotch hobble them and just ride them until they gave up. They can’t buck that way. It was efficient, but there wasn’t that trust factor that makes it easy to catch them (without dumping them with a rope a few times as they run off) and they tend to need more encouragement until you get some serious days in the hills.

Also, have you learned how to trim and shoe? I took a class back when I was a kid (high school) where I became a certified farrier. It was expensive and doing it as a job really was horrific, but I will strongly state that all people that own horses should know the basics. Even if you can’t correct gaits or do specialty shoeing, it is worth the time to at least know how to replace a shoe in the hills if it falls off.

Great points and great post, Tweva. This is something that most people don’t think about.