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Few make the effort though.

It really is amazing how few people really seem to even want to know about the things discussed in such places as this. Their denunciation of people like us as kooks is largely because of a natural human phenomenon. I think it’s because of the combination of cognitive dissonance and denial – particularly in relatively wealthy, relatively violence-free countries like the US, Canada, Australia, some parts of Europe (but that seems to be rapidly changing), for example. Cognitive dissonance for those that don’t know is the internal tension and anxiety that results from holding two beliefs that can’t both be true. That often causes the person to do something to reduce or eliminate the bad feeling they get – and often it’s not the best choice. For example, if one lives in a relatively crime free area, has adequate income, has a job, and has people all around that are in relatively similar circumstances, the appearance is one of safety. But turn on the nightly news, watch it daily for a period of time, and a different perception begins to creep in. Both views can’t be true, it would seem, so the person goes into denial (a VERY powerful thing, not entirely or even primarily conscious). It’s what addicts do so very well. When they tell you they can quit any time, they truly believe that. And if they do so just to prove it, and fail, it’ll be somebody else’s fault that they were DRIVEN to resume the addictive behavior – no personal responsibility.

So it is with prepping. If I prep, I have to admit that I believe my relatively comfortable life is not all that secure. And if I don’t have some other preps underway (spiritual, social, emotional), I could easily give up in despair, or go the other direction and become militant in retaliation against who/whatever is causing the threats. Either of those ways does not bring peace. So denial works pretty well, and cognitive dissonance goes away – all’s well, after all. That works with government and politics, SHTF preparation, disaster preps, etc. Most people avoid confronting the obvious, preferring to maintain their denial so as to avoid the cognitive dissonance because it’s so deeply disturbing.

And we remain “fringe.”