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Corvus, though I’m not an electrical engineer or physics major and therefore can’t personally vouch for it, I’ve seen quite a few seemingly credible sites that claim your 32 gallon galvanized can, with the lid on it, also constitutes an effective Faraday cage, meaning protection for electronic devices in the event of an EMP. You might consider having a backup radio, or maybe even a pair of CB or similar type hand-helds in there just in case. They don’t take up much room, and if a real EMP hit and wiped out the grid for quite a while, a pair of communication devices, along with a good AM/Shortwave portable might be nice, since presumably someone would still be on their air, somewhere in the world, and you’d have a better idea of what was going on overall. Our Sony ICF-SW7600GR takes up almost no space at all. If the galvanized can protected it and a pair of hand helds, that could be wonderful. Just don’t forget batteries and perhaps a device to recharge them. Sunlight is always free.

Good planning!