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The 80 year figure has been promoted by Rubio – and today Chris Wallace challenged him on that, pointing out that Reagan made a successful Supreme Court appointment late in his own year-7. That’s just a few months earlier than where we are now with Obama. Wallace could not get Rubio to explain what a “lame duck president” is for purposes of his 80 year figure, or even just what is fair game for a presidential nomination for the Supreme Court. Does he think presidents can only legitimately make nominations during their FIRST term, after which they become lame ducks? Rubio ducked that entirely. Politics, politics.

Still, I fully concur: let whatever decisions need deciding stand, and let eight justices decide them (or not). Just wait until the next president is sworn in. If it’s Team Billary, so be it. We’re screwed anyway, so it won’t matter if she does it, or Obama does it. If it’s one of the faux conservatives still standing on the Republican side, all it does is slow down the progression of destruction of the Republic. And just imagine the gridlock if Harry Reid and Company regain the Senate next January, with a Republican president.