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The Richie Allen show audio is very intriguing, at minimum. I always put on instant caution when I hear clearly biased reporting, as evidenced by such terms as “occupied Palestine, otherwise known as Israel,” “NATO terrorists,” and “Rothschild-Zionist plans,” etc. The question that comes to mind immediately is, “Is she merely a propagandist, or is she mixing her own legitimate horror with otherwise objective reporting?”

I’ve kept my opinion to myself with everyone except my wife to this point, but a part of me (and only a part) has been skeptical about Assad’s alleged brutality against his own people. I watched the extended interview he did with a major US media “news” person (can’t remember who/which network that was off the top of my head), perhaps a year ago. There was something about that interview that simply wasn’t tracking for me when put up next to the reports in the media about Assad and all he’s reportedly done to his people. Was I duped? No, because I haven’t made up my mind. But when a US Senator (McCain) sneaks across the Turkish border into Syria in support of supposedly anti-Assad forces, he’s violating sovereign borders and laws! That’s not the role of a sitting US senator. And I don’t trust McCain anyway, so it causes me to wonder what ELSE is going on there, and why he’s so strongly supporting supposedly moderate versions of the same folks that took down the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon (Al Qaeda). Tie all that in with what really happened in Benghazi on 11 September 2012, with the visit by the Turkish Consul General to that little remote site, rather than the official US Embassy in Tripoli, combined with the arms gathering and shipping from Benghazi to Turkey and most presumably straight into Turkey – and one HAS to wonder what’s going on. With the fact that Hillary won’t discuss that information at all, and the Benghazi hearings were entirely silent on the visit by the Turkish Consul General, and the wondering ramps up further. Clearly, if the US was successful in killing or running off Assad, we’d just chalk up another Libya/Iraq total disaster zone (thank you Hillary and Company).

So my personal mental jury is still out, but after listening to the Richie Allen interview, the votes continue to trend toward stuff that the government would have everyone believe ONLY comes from the demented brains of hard core domestic right wing whacko terrorists. ‘Cept I ain’t one! But then I already know I meet their publicly listed criteria 100% anyway…. I just know I don’t like the answers I’m getting. I only wish this forum was an appropriate place to discuss what else I know. The line below my signature gives a tiny, tiny clue, for those ears that are trained to hear that side of the story. It would be fascinating beyond belief just as simply an exercise in study and discussioin, except that it’s so very relevant to what’s happening in the US and around the world. In the meantime, I’ll confine myself to the social/political aspects of it all.