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The trend I mentioned before has curbed somewhat, due to less money circulating and people having difficulty to make large purchases (there are always exceptions, but I am talking about the general trend). Young people try their best to move in with parents and / or grandparents whenever possible, and if they can do this in the countryside, then all the better for them. The unemployment rates are nowhere near the “official” numbers and I can see no solution in the near future; if anything, as businesses continue to close, it’s gonna get worse. Countryside can still support people but unless large investments take place, it won’t create jobs out of thin air and unfortunately this government has done nothing at all on that matter (or any other, to be frank).


Greece wouldn’t want to pull out of the Schengen but others seem to try to force the country to do that, since there’s no official legal way to expel a member state (unless they make up some new rules). The whole thing is problematic because of the refugees / immigrants that would get trapped in here. Imagine if they are blocked from leaving Greece (either forwarded to some approved destination or returned to the country of origin) but at the same time, greater numbers entered through the borders, causing an increasing mass that would end up suffocated within a small enclosure (a small country that is bankrupt, with huge unemployment, corruption issues and various social pressures) – the result would be catastrophic. The people in other EU countries who actively support the notion that Greece should be kicked out of Schengen do it for their own benefit, hoping that their borders would be safer since the matter would end up with Greece being the receiving end of all this. The truth, however, is very different. They would still have no control over the borders of all the neighboring countries (unless they could somehow control the entirety of sea, land, mountain passes etc), so shipments of people could still sneak through. So perhaps the numbers would lessen (for them) but still, many would get through. Greece however would be folding under the tremendous pressure and as several people think, that is the target since there are plans in place for “forceful mingling”… whatever they plan, I cannot be sure but I surely don’t buy that this is a good solution for all involved. It seems to me as if they’re saying, screw a member state, as long as we’re covered. It’s short-sighted and as time will most likely prove, it solves nothing but will stir more trouble.

There’s also the hesitant tightrope of choosing between East and West, or a mixture of both. The latter seems out of the question as both major players would favor exclusivity on behalf of Greece. Since the politicians at the moment are generally shown to be weak, the major players seem to coerce (or perhaps blackmail) the country to choose sides with regards to Syria and Middle East. Greece has signed contracts and has major deals with NATO and allied countries and now it seems someone is eager to get the oil and gas reserves in the Aegean. Turkey seems adamant to have a piece of the action and every time there’s some deal to be done with Eastern collaborations, then Turkish threats are unleashed so that Greece gets back in line. It’s not the most interesting with regards to predictability, since this has been going on for more than two decades, but this time certain factions seem to want to go on a global incentive to “take all”. Although I’m no prophet, there are times when a business deal is no longer profitable, nobody backs down and that’s when armageddons take place. Let’s hope we don’t live to see one.