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My question is will America ever have a president that we the people can trust anymore?

Freedom, my wiseguy answer would be that you could always trust every last one of them … to do whatever scratches his personal itches, feathers his personal nest, and enriches himself and his buddies. in the sense that you mean it, however, I doubt it — at least within our lifetimes.

Politicians, presidents included, are all human beings, not angels. (And just in case you might say of Trump, Carson, or someone else, “well, they’re not politicians,” I’d argue that anyone seeking elective office is necessarily, by definition, a politician, though perhaps not a well-practiced one.) Voters are also just as human, each subject to their own personal combination of wants, fears, prejudices, grudges, rational self-interest, civic mindedness, attention span, reasoning ability, and apathy.

A truly honest person would never make it to the top of the political world. The public would never stand for it because it would require hearing the truth. Everybody is part of some special interest group looking for somebody else to pay for it and they want their candidates to tell them somebody else will in fact pay for it. In a day and age of identity politics, many want special rights and privileges for their group and expect their candidates to tell them they’ll get it if he or she is elected.

Spot on! A fine expansion of John Adams’s “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other,” or Ben Franklin’s more cryptic (and snarkier) “A republic, if you can keep it.” And that’s the deal. Why would we ever expect to get a representative government that is better than the people it represents? I acknowledge, as a (temporary) “constituent” of bug-eyed Nasty Pelosi, that she doesn’t represent me as I would wish to be represented, but I concede that she accurately represents the majority of voters in her district. They want what she votes for … all the way up until eventually, it all caves in on their heads, and then they’ll be asking questions like yours, and denying that they bear any of the responsibility for it. But a city, state, or nation, by and large, on the make, and on the take, cannot hope to elect a government from among themselves, better than themselves.

It’s a “give to get” world. Whether you think it’s all just the way human interaction works, or whether you believe the Creator of All looks down and personally orders all the blessings and punishments, either way, it makes the case for a rational morality.

Cry, "Treason!"