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Tolik, I do have to say that Rubio when he was a state of Florida senator he tried to end the tax on homestead but all the Democrats, and many of the Republicans in the senate voted down his ideas even tho the people loved them.

Can you imagine how much the homes in Florida would have sold for. Everyone would have purchased a home in Florida to retire. The school boards when after him. He was proposing a 1 to 2 cent increase in the sale of products and real estate to pay the difference. So I do like him for that reason even tho he has made some mistakes on the immigration amnesty proposal. He has stated that there needs to be a wall and all immigration needs to be legal so maybe he has back down some on the amnesty which he has talked in the debates.

I personally think that if Trump gets the nomination that Rubio can be a good vice and grow as a vice since he is young. Just my two cents on this.