Trump : self made billionaire , has enough money . Understands economics very well . Probably be the best person to deal with world leaders , this country has had sense the 1940s . He will use executive orders to get things going in a direction he feels is ‘ back on track ‘ , what that is , is unclear . Most likely will not perpetuate the idiotic , fruitless wars we have been having for far too long . Will not wish a continuation of the cold war , but most likely instead , think of mutual financial benefits . Would be able to be flexible and adjust to situations faster …………….again , business experience vs politics .

Cruz : Not completely clear , weather or not he can legally be president because of Canadian birth . Bad personality , would have a hard time negotiating at home or with world leaders . Is beholding to to banks and other interests . Hot Head , would probably take the US dangerously close to WW3 , over something petty . He makes some good points , but at the same time , his tone is the same tired record of politics , being played over , and over again . Another inflexible leader .

Rubio : Know little about him ……by choice . Name ends in a vowel , all I need to know .

Carson : Uninspiring , painful to listen to , public speaking is not a strong point , question is …….does he have any strong points ? My guess is not really . Appears weak and timid …….Putin would chew him up , and spit out the bones . Its too bad , because I do believe his heart is in the right place .

Bush : Last name says it all …NO !!!!!! he looks and acts like one of those meterosexual Mormons , with no spine . Complete idiot , just like the other two before him ……….everything a Bush touches turns to $hit . He was probably that kid that got beat up on the playground every day , and went home crying to mommy .

The Dems are criminals and outright Communists on the Sanders side , he is way beyond ” Socialist ” he is a full blown Commi .
Soooooooooooooo , even though he is also a big question mark , Trump seems to be the clear winner on several levels , if he gets the Rep nomination , I will vote for him ……….if nothing else , but to make myself feel better ( as we all know in a presidential election , the people’s vote doesnt count ) . At this point , the low end needs to drop out , and go away . The fact that there are SO MANY Republicans on stage , shows me that there are too many good ol boys hungry for power , that just hang on like grim death , instead of realizing they have a snow balls chance in hell of winning ( Carson , Bush , Paul , etc ..) . This shows a weakness in the party as a whole . The Dems seem more focused and united in that respect , so there are fewer candidates , and wrap things up rather quickly . That should be a red flag ( literally ) to all conservatives , as to whats wrong with the right ……they are fractured , and its very dangerous . Another thing , stop bringing up Ronald Reagan !!! I lived through the 80s , I didnt think he was all that great , yes he was far better than Carter …….BUT …….it seemed that the attitude of the day in the country was , crap on anybody not making a million dollars ..With financial scams exploding everywhere , and people frantically running around trying to grab every crumb of the imaginary pie , pretending they were somebody they were not ……that was the 80’s in a nutshell ……people seem to forget that . Then cutting mental health , which caused some of the societal problems we have today . Nobody is perfect , but lets not forget , he had his problems , and made his share of mistakes as well .