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It must be remembered that at best, the President only has the power to veto and perhaps set a national tone. He is not a dictator, despite what Obama is getting away with (and to a large extent Trump says he wants to become).

And don’t forget the following:

Kasich had 18 years in Congress, following another 4 years in the Ohio legislature. He’s not just a state governor. He’s a professional politician. Check his record in Congress – not hard core conservative by any means.

Cruz’ wife is an investment manager with Goldman Sachs. Plus this:

[F]former DHS head Michael Chertoff hired a former Goldman Sachs executive to combine all the information flows from ALL intelligence communities (NSA/FBI/CIA/DHS/NSA), and that former Goldman Sachs exec is now Chertoff’s partner, and CHIEF of Ted Cruz’s campaign.

(There are other goodies in that article.)


Additionally, Cruz “forgot” to mention his big loans from Goldman Sachs and CitiBank during his 2012 Senate campaign (the money he SAID was all of his personal savings).


Who’s received the most donations from Wall Street? Cruz #1, Bush #2, and Clinton #3.


My perception (for whatever that’s worth, based solely on what’s available through the media reports and live interviews/appearances) is that Ben Carson may be the only honest candidate. But he couldn’t manage his own presidential campaign, and let Armstrong Williams seriously damage it over the advice of his own official campaign manager. Plus, I saw a list of people he’s called in to bring him up to speed on a number of issues, and was not at all comfortable with his choices – which I fear might foreshadow cabinet appointments and other advisers. I wish I could remember all the names, and I can’t find the list easily right now, but certainly remember that it was a cast of characters straight out of past Republican administrations. It almost reminded me of the sudden recycling of previous administrations when George W. Bush created his cabinet and appointed other advisors. That did not end well….

I still think my plan will be to vote in the Democrat primary for Sanders, then hope whoever the Republicans “appoint” can blow him out of the water with his hammer-and-sickle record. If they don’t, we’ll know for sure that the fix was in from the start, and can all go to Minneapolis and “celebrate” the dawn of a new era in the West at:

[Yes, I’m being 100% sarcastic with that “celebration” remark at that pub, just so there’s no doubt.]