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Two take-aways from Proteus’ post that seem particularly applicable to other discussions on the SHTF Forum:

It doesn’t take a genius to imagine what will happen here if Greece gets isolated with closed borders and all these thousands of desperate and angry people from all sides have to survive…possibly by committing crimes or attempting to wipe each other out. Starvation, unemployment and other things will affect survival and possibly total instability will ensue within months.


Of course, it is rather doubtful whether the NATO thing here is about tiny Greece … . Judging from the past, all it takes is a few wrong moves and the whole game shifts into gear into its pre-ordained orbit, which most likely involves economic wipeout through conflict and resetting. Forgetting history will condemn us to repeat it.
I am very sorry that most of the big players believe the odds are good for them winning solo.

Much of this is, indeed, a proxy war with the appearance of Turkey, Syria, Greece, etc., being the “important” things to watch from a “news” standpoint (though Greece is getting entirely suppressed in at least the American media). In fact, it’s about the much bigger players – US, Russia, and now even China. As Proteus said, WWIII is not a stretch at all, these days – just the wrong move, followed by the wrong response, and it could all head south very quickly.