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Greetings my friends. Another update for you, since all things here have gone from bad to worse, as it seems. Right now there are large protests under way, different associations and guilds protesting regarding pensions and many other issues (financial mostly, including the insane austerity measures that are now demanded). Right now there are farmers from all over Greece that have cut the country’s freeways and toll points all over, more than 20 places, including the central square (the one frequently shown before the Parliament). I had to sort out some health issues but you didn’t miss much to be honest. ND party changed leadership to a more moderate conservative Mitsotakis who has a lot to prove against his family’s name and tries to unite several factions under his wing. With regards to issues of civil unrest, so far not much happened besides the episodes that you witness which happened mostly during the last few weeks occasionally between protesters and riot police (like today for example, between the farmers and the riot squad). As predicted, since January the whole situation has gone downhill and much more in terms of protests has been planned.
What’s even more worrying is the possibility of the Schengen exit of Greece, as the country is unable to meet the demands to safeguard the very long borders with regards to refugees (or even islamic invaders, according to some sources). There are border issues and even some crimes like raping a young child by some of these “refugees” in northern Greece. It doesn’t take a genius to imagine what will happen here if Greece gets isolated with closed borders and all these thousands of desperate and angry people from all sides have to survive…possibly by committing crimes or attempting to wipe each other out. Starvation, unemployment and other things will affect survival and possibly total instability will ensue within months. On the other hand, the whole NATO patrol ships on the borders is a mixed blessing, as there are doubts on how they will implement the border control with regards to Turks (no-one seems to want to disappoint these guys, no matter if they violate treaties and international agreements, including violations of airspace and naval disputes). On a more positive side, hopefully NATO presence will hopefully deter some crazy factions from operating paramilitary stuff on the side… Of course, it is rather doubtful whether the NATO thing here is about tiny Greece, or the bigger players like Russia and the whole Aleppo thing in Syria and the possibility of inflaming into a WW3. Judging from the past, all it takes is a few wrong moves and the whole game shifts into gear into its pre-ordained orbit, which most likely involves economic wipeout through conflict and resetting. Forgetting history will condemn us to repeat it.
I am very sorry that most of the big players believe the odds are good for them winning solo. It seems that the world, once again, will pay for their delusion and folly with tens of thousands (if not millions) of lives.
I will be keeping you updated if something major happens here, or I should say, when.
Our prayers go with all of you.