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Yeah, namelus, I’d also like to see plans or photos of the shipping container/gravel and the basalt/steel/gravel structures. As for the bottlebrick structures, I think they’d be best suited to warm, relatively dry locations. But, heck, if I had tens of thousands of empty water or soda bottles, lots of dry, fine-grained soil, and a crew of several dozen people to work for cheap, I might try it. Single-handed though, it might take the rest of my life.

I did get to see the beginnings of what enough plastic bottles, time, and money could produce, though not a land-based structure. I don’t know if the Plastiki ever made news outside of San Francisco, and Sydney, but young Mr. de Rothschild was, for a time, one of my employer’s tenants, and it became necessary to move his Plastiki operation from one part of the piershed to another, so I was one of the party that went to meet him and lay out the new location.

Having seen how sturdy a rammed earth wall is, I’d be more inclined to use soil to build that type of structure, if the soil was clayey enough, and the foundation could be kept dry.

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