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Guess I’ll have to look closer. The last time I was in any pawn shops was with my grand daughter when she was looking for a “new” camera. I was less than impressed with pricing or conditions on things, but I have to admit there was “anything and everything” there. That was out of state, and I have not frequented the ones around here (of which there are many). Thanks for the reminder. Also, around here, giant flea markets can be found (including one huge location with probably 200 tables or more every Saturday, not far from here in a neighboring state). That may be worth spending more time, but only after we unload a whole lot of our own “junk” (much really good stuff, but just no longer needed or used, and simply taking up space). If we can get rid of the non-essentials, and pick up an item or two more essential in nature from time to time, all the better.