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Yeah, I thought about an old missile silo myself once, but then had 2nd thoughts very quickly. The idea of being entirely underground, with only one vertical way up or down, seems very insecure (and unsafe) to me – easy attack down the hole, and no alternate way to escape. I’d have to have a tunnel system built that came out at quite a distance from the underground structure. Now – if they ever want to sell HQ NORAD …. (I was able to visit inside the old mountainside site at Westover AFB, MA, back during a college ROTC trip and often wondered what happened to that. I read once that the Federal Reserve took it over and stored money and records there for a while.)

My preference would be an underground house on the side of a mountain or at least very large hill or ridge, or else on a high riverbank. We know someone that used to have an underground house right on the high side of the Snake River in Idaho, and from the road that ran right past it, there was absolutely zero indication that there was a house there – it was grass covered. They didn’t need a chimney, since heat wasn’t much of an issue in the winter, even with power out for a while. While they didn’t apparently plan for a long term outage, a chimney could be easily camouflaged if necessary (except for the smoke coming out of the “ground” when in use). It was a moderately good sized house (I think nearly 1800 square feet if I remember right), needed no air conditioning in the summer at all, and the lights and kitchen heat took care of all their winter heating (I don’t remember how they took care of plumbing stacks or a kitchen vent – I just remember as I approached it, I was amazed at the total lack of clue that the slight rise in the land was actually a house – other than the driveway that went along side and disappeared “into the river.” I’d LOVE to have something like that, putting the window-side of the house facing south (more winter heat potential), and also giving good visibility to everything except right on top of the house. (The dummies ended up putting a 2nd story on the house, ran out of money, and never had the benefits of EITHER structure again – they had to sell it.)