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There is no knowing what may be on the horizon but I find myself with a very calm state of mind. My IRA account is being battered in this down market, WWIII is a very real possibility (and the next one won’t be restricted to “over there” but will likely be “here” too), the world my grandkids are inheriting has fewer opportunities than I one I came into, and the guy in the Oval Office can do a whole lot more damage before he is out. Yet there is not much I can do about any of it, and so I am choosing to enjoy life’s little pleasures and go about my days one foot in front of the other. My wife unknowingly helped set my mood the other day by showing me a photo she came across on Facebook of a red barn visually standing out in the snow. It was taken some hundreds of feet away so that you got the fresh snow on trees and such with the barn as sort of a focal point. It was from some photos of Vermont site that she goes to sometime to look at the pictures. That barn happens to be across the way sort of from my house and it made me think how fortunate I am. Illogical I know but there something about the serenity of it that I felt.