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I don’t have a Facebook account. “Likes” on Facebook are tracked, profiles are built, and such is life in that world (per Facebook/Google/others’ own statements). Mere association with other “unapproved” groups or people only adds to our personal databases housed out in central Utah, and other places.

With that said, I was unaware of the Facebook location, and happy to find out it doesn’t require a Facebook account to read and watch – just went there, and was entirely pleased with the content (the fact that it was there, not what it had to report, of course). I noted the video from Greece, and thank goodness we’ve had Proteus updating us from time to time (but not recently – I hope he’s OK) – or we’d never know Greece is still in chaos. I’ve now bookmarked the site for additional reference.

Many thanks Toby, for all you, Selco, and others do for so many others. I don’t believe there is any higher attribute than selfless service to others.