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Got several semiauto battle rifles. The Mosins will be vacuum sealed and stored away with a couple cans of ammo. Of course there will be some playing here and there, but I have more than enough firearms to allow me the opportunity to store back several without causing me any issues.


I definitely am not going to use an SKS or PU type mount. Check out that link I posted to the S&K mounts. They look really nice and have gotten good reviews from what I have seen. Actually look nicer than any other options like the Rock Solid and Brass Stackers.

This was my train of thought – summarized:

Now that I have several storage units strategically placed as caches around my area I thought that these would be great SHTF cache stock.

The reality is that I don’t need to build these rifles. I have enough firearms to cover me in any condition (except, I do NEED a CZ 550 American Safari Magnum in .375 H&H). These Mosins have literally been sitting under a piece of furniture for several years. I paid $100 for a box of “gun stuff” which included a V24 8mm Mauser (BRNO action), these 2 M44 Mosins (complete action/barrel/trigger – need furniture), some assorted wood furniture parts for various rifles, various parts for AK, AR, 1911, CZ 75, 870 and a few unidentifiable rifle bolts.

These are just gravy…….


Now for why I was thinking scout style:

I really don’t want a standard type scope setup. It changes it to more of a hunting rifle and less of a “crossover” rifle for combat/hunting. If I go with a scout scope at only 2.5 power low, I can shoot like I was trained in the military and less like I was taught when hunting as a kid. The 7 power top end will allow me to hunt at range with it if needed.

Considering this will be a “crossover” type rifle that I can hunt with (thus the Russian 30-06 type caliber) or defend myself if I lose my other options, I kind of like the scout idea. Yes, this is a possible throw away or trade away combat/hunting setup that I won’t cry if it gets stolen, is going to be stored and forgotten to some degree, but will cover my arse if I have to have it (them – there are 2)…..


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