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Thank you for your reply and things to think about. That is a nice looking setup you have.

The reason I was looking at scopes actually labeled as “scout scopes” was due to the same reasons you mentioned. It is hard to find something with that long of an eye relief that will still be functional…. The two I found that I liked were the one listed above by Vortex and one by Burris (both of which I get discounts on). Since this is going to be a “rough and tumble” gun that I am building, the warranty on the Vortex seemed like a better way to go, especially at the price.

I have used scout builds that used pistol scopes and I didn’t like them as well as the actual scout scopes. For some reason I kept having issues with seeing through them. It was probably just me, but it was still a problem.

In doing some research, I am concerned about both the action being smooth enough and the issues with the rimmed ammo on the Mosin. Both of which are well known and documented challenges to this rifle. Anyone try an Archangel stock on one and did that help the action issues? I heard tell that the wood stocks seemed to cause a bind when operating the bolt because of the odd angle for operation caused by the straight line wood stock. Anyone try the different stock and see a difference?