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My problem with the envirocrazies is that they are against everything. They are all for solar but then try to stop every solar project comes along on a “we want solar, but not there” premise. They want to shut down any coal or oil fired power plants but then fight any proposed pipeline that will bring natural gas to power plants or consumers. And of course natural gas is too dangerous to be moved above ground by truck or train they say. They like wind power, but again “not there”. In a State comprised of mountains, it seems every single ridge is something special that needs to be preserved from the horrors of wind turbines. Hydro power is good but they don’t like dams so we can’t do that. Quebec has lots of hydro power to send down to New England, but the envirocrazies are fighting hard to stop construction of power lines to bring it down in what’s called the Northern Pass project. Put those lines carrying hydro power underground? Nope, can’t do that either. That project would be tunneled underneath Lake Champlain and then run underground alongside an existing highway. Can’t have a power project near the lake they say.