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I had the “pleasure” of experiencing the Sierra Club do battle with a client who wanted to build a new coal plant. Their lawyers used every trick in the book to fight it, and eventually the client caved after a multi-year, multi million dollar court battle that was constantly delayed.

These people want to use anyone or anything to shut down every coal plant in the country, and the EPA are willing accomplices.

I find it ironic that once again the debate about State’s Right has moved to the forefront. Whether it’s water, or energy an out of control federal government is trying to impose it’s will on the states.

And many brain dead citizens are willing to help. Here in Indiana the State Attorney General is running for Congress to battle the take over of water resources. He is being criticized in some circles by people with the rationale that since the Feds provided the money for the I-69 expansion they should be able to manage the water quality in the state. You can’t make this stuff up.