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I fly one because of family history , but many others fly it as a protest symbol , much like the greatly over used ” dont tread on me ” flag .

Sadly, I have chosen not to fly either one. I used to fly the Gadsden on the other side of the Stars and Stripes on federal holidays, particularly 4th of July. But once it got hijacked by the Tea Party, I retired it, hoping it would eventually lose its association with the Tea Party. It did not. The flag was thrown out. Both it and the Confederate flag have been hijacked, and particularly the latter has become so polarizing that it’s not worth sending the “wrong” message to otherwise reasonably decent people who’d misunderstand my own intent by flying it. So with great sadness, we own neither anymore.

But I do not consider that a victory for anyone else, at least personally. I find other ways of making my positions known, and they often evoke questions, like “what’s that?” or “what does that mean?” Take for example my front license plate (and I’ve seen an increasing number with the same one, even just in my own area – some thanks to me). It’s the Bonnie Blue. And then there’s the III% symbol. Yes, I took the III% symbol off my vehicle because I have occasion to go on a military installation from time to time, and they’re REALLY monitoring everything (scanning all IDs and they have cameras facing the REAR ends of the vehicles as they proceed past the check points). No need to evoke further paranoia of Brother. (You’d have loved the brief conversation I had with the black gate guard one day when he asked about my Bonnie Blue on the front. He knew I wasn’t a general, but he wanted to know what it meant. I told him what it symbolized to me – a symbol of the South without the alleged hatred some have tried to attach to the Stars and Bars. He LOVED it! It was an amazing experience.) The loss of my ability to fly the Gadsden without being assumed to be a “Tea Bagger” is a really big irritant to me, though. I want nothing to do with the professional hijackers that took over that movement.