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In answer to the topic question: No.

Reasoning: Carly Fiorina finished ahead of some candidates that were on stage at the Republican “debate” last night. But she was skillfully erased from the lineup from that debate. Ben Carson was VERY skillfully aced out of a better finish in Iowa by a highly coordinated bid to steal his votes for Ted Cruz’ gain. All 1500 precinct workers were almost simultaneously notified of him “dropping out” of the campaign, shortly after the CNN story, and nobody from the Cruz campaign even thought of the idea to maybe check out the story to see if a candidate would REALLY drop out right as the caucus process was proceeding?!? Yeah, right.

AT the debate last night, Ben Carson was again severely marginalized in talk time and substantive debate topic discussion. In multiple stories this morning, you’d have to work hard to even find out that he was on the stage, especially in “recaps” of the debate.

Am I a Fiorina fan? Not at all. Am I a Carson fan? Of them all, he certainly seems to get more integrity points than anyone else on that stage, and at this point, I’m weighting that very heavily. – but that doesn’t matter. The point is that it’s all political theater. The outcome has already been decided through a combination of endless “polls” that subtly tell us who’s “leading,” and therefore who has any chance of being “electable,” and therefore who NOT to vote for. But wait? We haven’t even voted yet (except a few Iowans who were lied to AT the caucus points, according to many witnesses, IN Caucus speeches, about Carson having dropped out, so vote for Cruz). The polls drive who gets into the rigged non-debates, and who gets airtime and substantive questions (of which there are few – most are gossip questions about character assassination). One by one or two, they start dropping out as campaign contributions are used up and stop flowing in.

And THEN cometh the tiny State of New Hampshire. Only the second primary. And we’re told it could potentially be ALL OVER by the time those votes are counted, and we all know who the front runners are, and yada, yada, yada. But heck – they may string this out a little bit, and let us see what happens in the so-called “SEC” Super Tuesday set of primaries, but then it WILL be all over! And already about half the candidates have packed up and gone home, defeated by “their” own Party-“News” Media Complex.

And that is how a Constitutional Republic has been dismantled, along with the 1913 triple whammy of the Fed, the income tax, and the direct election of senators, thereby further weakening states’ rights after the massive Abraham Lincoln blow a half century earlier. Stack the Supreme Court and it’s a fait accompli.

So no. Any “change” from Iowa was not significant. It was simply all part of the process to winnow the false field, keep up the false narrative of a democratic process, and string out the false illusion of a constitutional republic in front of an ignorant (willful as well as by design) public.