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It all depends upon your definition of collapse. The last couple Presidents playing fast and loose with the Constitution does not constitute collapse in my book. It is change, dangerous change I’ll agree, but change nonetheless. Should the stock market take a major 1929 style tumble triggering a depression, there would be lots of economic hardship and dislocation, but it is not the same as collapse. Collapse is when the very underpinnings of a civilization cease to function. No matter the politics in DC or the hardships a depression would bring, if the lights are still on, the schools open, police are on patrol, grocery store shelves are stocked, the snowplows are operating, trains/buses/planes are moving people where they want to go, the gas stations and hospitals are open, social security checks and EBT deposits are going out on time we have not collapsed. We are not even in the process of collapsing at this point. I will only go as far as saying that the developed world is increasingly fragile and that technology has increased the risk of collapse, making collapse frighteningly possible should the right triggering event come along. As we sit here today that triggering event has not come and we are not in the midst of a collapse.