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In answer to the topic question I offer the following:


As usual, I am NOT recommending even bothering to watch the video that pops up, or pursuing any of the offerings at Casey Research anymore. I just recognized that they still put out a rather substantial amount of publicly available solid research. The implications of this article (recommend it be read in its entirety) are massive, given that the oil companies have not cut dividends, are budgeting on the basis of $60 oil, and oil has been well below $60 for quite some time (currently HALF that, and expected to go possibly down to $20). Once they are forced to cut dividends to shareholders, there will be a stampede out of oil stocks, accompanied by a general market stampede out of most everything else. Picture a piano being lowered from an upper-story window to the ground in a major city, and the sidewalk below is jammed with people. And the cable breaks.

And with respect to the U.S. specifically, I found this great quote by Senator Sam Ervin from 1973 (anybody remember ol’ Sam?):

“So long as I have a mind to think, a tongue to speak, and a heart to love my country, I shall deny that the Constitution confers any arbitrary power on any President, or empowers any President to convert George Washington’s America into Caesar’s Rome.”

We have absolutely clear evidence that the Constitution of the United States is meaningless, not only because of what Obama is doing, but perhaps far more importantly, because of what Congress is allowing him to do.

So, “… In The Midst Of Collapse?” Uh, personally I don’t have any question, when the fundamentals of a nation’s government effectively no longer exist.