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The dirty tricks are all over the place. A rather ambiguous news wire story about Ben Carson got turned into tweets by the Cruz hierarchy that he was leaving the campaign trail and was out of the race. And they then “hoped” in their tweets that a number of the Carson supporters would vote anyway – for Cruz (JUST as the caucuses were about to start). Cruz himself was quite non-committal at first, but once at least some of the networks started calling it what it was – clear dirty politics just hours before the caucus voting – he THEN issued a late apology, that appeared deeply sincere and almost heartbroken. What a bunch of Bravo Sierra. Then Carson still finished ahead of some of the candidates still in the race, but he is not even being mentioned in commentary and “reporting” about the future – even though he’s still in. They’re doing what they did with Ron Paul particularly in 2012, when he was literally left out of a lineup of the top four or five candidates, and a low-ranked (in polling) candidate was substituted in his place – as if he wasn’t even in the race.

The media and the parties are so clearly in full cooperation mode it should be obvious to anyone with half a brain. But almost nobody bothers to even study the issues, positions, etc. The Administration has been minimizing Hillary’s emails, we’ve heard NOTHING from DOJ, and the FBI is really angry, according to supposedly reliable inside reports. The fix is in, we just don’t know what it is yet. We’ll know in November – or later, depending on whether the Electoral College has some “problems,” or the entire thing gets thrown into Congress. And that last possibility is quite possible – we could have a Republican President, selected by Congress, for at least four years (probably no longer). We thought the screams were loud when Bush won the Electoral College, but Gore won the popular vote. Wait until a Republican House of Representatives chooses the next president. No one will care that it’s happened twice before, or that it’s specified in the Constitution (12th Amendment) – it will be reported as a stolen election by the Republicans, and all heck will break loose – even worse, if the following Congress is no longer dominated by the Republicans.

So for me, I don’t really put much stock in the primaries, and virtually none in the polls. I truly do believe that the fix is already in. We’ll know in a year when somebody places a hand on a Bible, or Quran, or a stack of Mad Magazines from the glorious, socialist 60s. In the meantime, we’ll see “surprising” changes in who’s “ahead” perhaps, but I consider it meaningless.