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74 it in fact isn’t ultimately my decision. I can put my 2 cents in but it isn’t “my” place. As stated before it kind of serves double duty. For SHTF it is great; remote enough to minimize major traffic but still part of a small tight knit community. We actually have many allies who are like minded who own property within a few miles in several directions. We also hunt recreationally on the property, mostly deer. Our family has always hunted in areas where deer were plentiful. It was not uncommon to see 10-20 deer in a sitting. Spoiled I know lol. The new place generally yields seeing just a couple deer every other sitting or so. I agree game will dry up fast in SHTF but if there isn’t as much to start with it will dry up even faster. Wild game won’t be our main meat source but every bit helps. So we are left with a dilemma. Mostly just waiting to see how quickly things spiral down. Would hate for things to fall apart mid move.