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Collapse, crash, pre-crash crumbling? Whatever we call it, at least no one here has any illusions (or delusions) that “all is well” in the world. I wish I could upload today’s weekly update for one of the monthly Casey Research publications I still subscribe to, but I believe strongly in copyright, so I will not. However, I suspect that the subject line of the email could easily fit in the “fair use” category, so here it is:
“Time to Short the Dollar”

The author goes on to say that while no one can be certain (and I think implied in that is “because of all the manipulation”), the remaining folks from the old Casey Research team (before Porter Stansberry took it over and ruined it, as far as I’m concerned) believe that gold and silver have also bottomed out and this is the year for the major upturn.

Here’s at least one recent public article from their web site that gives some specific clues as to why they think it’s about to shift significantly:


The newsletter editor whose update I receive, stays in close contact with Doug Casey (still a significant but <50% shareholder in his old business). In the weekly update the editor said the following. So I can hardly wait for the full monthly newsletter that will be coming out shortly.

I encourage all those who have hesitated to fill in their positions in our precious metals stocks to do so in the nearest term.

I noted the word “nearest” in that quote. These are guys that watch the Fed closely, knowing that “words mean things.” He didn’t say “near term,” he didn’t say “this year” which is when they expect a major move in gold, he said “nearest term.”

While I’ve been very disappointed in the recommendations of Casey Research since even before Porter Stansberry and his merry band of used car salesmen arrived on scene, I also note that some other rather credible people have gotten it wrong as well (John Williams who publishes shadowstats.com, for example). This downturn in gold and precious metals stocks is nerve wracking, and very, very long. Still, at this point I’m very comfortable holding on to the position that it’s only a matter of when, not if, that some significant economic events will happen, thereby triggering major societal changes (and potentially international military changes). Whatever we call it, I believe we’re well into the middle if not late stages of it.