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I wouldn’t know how to find out if ours is using such software, officially. And I don’t read the local “rag,” nor would I trust them to do accurate reporting anyway. I just assume that they’re using the best tools they can afford, which may not be much, since their budget is horrible, and they’re losing personnel left and right). However, due to that low budget and low personnel numbers (as well as experience), they may be “supplementing” that with intel from such software.

Given the way the fedgov has been handing out weapons and goodies to local PDs, I’d bet that it won’t be long before someone in the local .gov writes a grant application for it. Can’t really blame cops for wanting to know whether they’re going to face a good citizen, or a maniac.

But the assessments will be shaded by whoever wrote the algorithms used to categorize people. I’m betting most of us appear on that program like Timothy McVey, or LaVoy Finicum.

Cry, "Treason!"

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