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L Tecolote, My wife was born in San Fran-commie-cisco but she votes GOP and now live in Miami, Florida. So you can say I know were you live well, been there and seen it all.

GS, I do agree with you, the Electoral College is unconstitutional. We know that even tho I didn’t vote for Al Gore he did get more of the popular vote but not the Electoral College so Bush became president. I think Al Gore is nuts but wonder what would have happen if he would have been president. Would we have elected Obama? maybe not since Al Gore may have done so many crazy things. Who knows. But yes the Electoral College is a problem we need to get it to the courts. I also think term limits need to happen.

L T and GS, another thing that Castro did was cancel the Cuban Constitution even tho it was not as good as the U. S. Constitution. I am seeing the U. S. Constitution being cut up bit by bit and the GOP in Congress not doing anything about this. My father which is 86 tells me that we have no were to go. We need to fight to keep our freedom. You guys know that Rubio is a Cuban American, his mother and father are Cuban. Cruz is part Cuban on the father’s side, Mother is American. The two have a passion for freedom. Rubio’s wife is Colombian and this is why he may have tried the amnesty with the building the wall and now has backed down from that.

Cruz is very Constitutional. I know personally why they are running and trying as hard as they are but think that they will not make it. You guys see that I think Trump will be the one but he is not my first pick. I have liked Rand Paul and Cruz but think that they will not be what the GOP will pick. Trump is not liked by the GOP ether but he is pushing there buttons so hard that he may make it throw.