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Freedom, I didn’t mean to say I wouldn’t vote, I always do, though I rarely help elect the candidate, or pass the measure, I voted for. Heck, I’m in San Fran-commie-cisco (though working on extricating myself and my wife.) But when the majority of voters vote for the Left, a respectable counter vote that loses, only looks like victory to them. (Though I suspect that many of them are so minded to rebel against “the establishment,” that if the counter-votes effectively disappeared, they might switch, just to retain their self-image of brave-rebels-against-“the-Man.”) I only recall my vote helping to elect three presidents — LBJ, in my young-and-dumb phase, Tricky Dick Nixon in 1972, because he wasn’t Hubert Socialist Humphrey, and Duhbya, in 2000 because he wasn’t Swiftboat Kerry. Considering how they worked out as guardians of America and our rights, I’m not too proud of any of them.

From what I’ve seen, the best you can say of the RINO party, is that instead of driving the nation off the cliff at max-throttle, like the DINOs, they’ll hold the same course at a sedate, conservative 55 mph, proudly claiming that that’s as good as reversing direction. Same result, only slower. D’ya s’pose it might be because both parties get their $$, publicity, and endorsements from mostly the same sources? Who wins?

I don’t know how to force-educate a buffalo herd getting ready to stampede. But because I’d like to frustrate those who want to scarf up my life, and spit out the bones, for as long as possible, I usually hold my nose and vote for the RINO, on the hope that they’ll eat someone else first, and dine more slowly. Still, that only seems to encourage them. ;-)

Cry, "Treason!"