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GS, Also know that on this forum everyone knows from my passed post that I am one to attack any communist post on here which has happen. I am the biggest anti-communist here! I am a American Cuban. Born in Cuba came to America at age 4 and am 58 years old. Communism destroyed my father and mother’s family, properties and freedoms. But I see not much of a difference between a dictator and a communist since before Castro there was a dictator which the people wanted out. They got a communist which was just another word for a much worse dictator.

I love America for the life America has given me. We need to keep the controls of the people, our freedoms and liberties. I love the freedom to be able to post here and you post back your opinions. I read every word you post. Many of my post are one to two sentences long. But I am reading everything. I only post what I have an opinion on. But I say that 90 to 95% of what you write I agree on so we are on the same side. Just need to let you know that if the GOP does this it will have many not vote and may make us lose.