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All the talk of preference for this candidate, or that, reminds me of the final lines of a comedy shtick i saw probably four decades ago, in my cold war, TV-watching days. Bill Dana as José Jiménez, Civil Defense Director, and Louie Nye as the straight-man/interviewer, had been talking of preparations, shelters, and warning broadcasts (“Tune to Comrade.” “Don’t you mean Conelrad?” “No, Comrade gets it first.”)

The finale, as I recall:
Nye: “One last thing, Mr. Jiménez — What is the best thing to be doing, when the bomb falls?”
Dana: (in the well-established José Jiménez style, repeats the question: “What is the best thing to be doing, when the bomb falls?” (Long pregnant pause, then with a shrug) “Ehh … It doesn’t matter.”)

That’s where I think I am — my ability to affect the outcome of the election, despite all the campaigning I might do, is effectively nil. I’m one solitary, medium-sized buffalo, standing in the midst of a vast herd, as the great quadrennial stampede is about to begin, direction unknown. If I can still walk off the field, under my own power, after the stampede has chosen its direction, and run off, I’ll be okay.

Cry, "Treason!"

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