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GS, The problem is that if we let the GOP pick what they want and not what the people voted for then this would be a dictatorship on the people so just a little better than a Socialist Democrat. Once we the people have lost the right to vote and pick the person that we want to be president it is over for the country. We would not be buying much time.

For example what is the difference between a communist and a dictator, not much. In Cuba the Fidel brothers are called communist but I am not sure about that, I see them as dictators. They love to eat well, live like the rich, drive the best cars but give the people the least possible so the people only think about were and how to find enough food to live to the next day.

So my thinking is we need to be very careful to except a dictatorship pick of the GOP and not the peoples pick. There is very little differences between Communist and dictators.

GS, I do understand your point but understand that what I am saying will have many Republicans staying home and not voting and will be the end of the GOP. The people will not trust them much. As it is now We do not trust them to do anything so this would be the end of any trust.