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GS, To answer your question of “So – are you going to stick by your “if they do a brokered convention I will not vote” pledge? Will you REALLY sit back and not do anything at all to avoid a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren presidency,”

I would not vote since it would mean that the two sides are a dictatorship/communist parties at this point. The GOP would be saying We the People vote doesn’t count and they know what is best for the people, WHAT!! What has the GOP done for the people since they have the power of the Congress? So a Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren presidency maybe the same as a dictatorship pick by the GOP. We the People pick the next president and the GOP needs to except that. I see many Republicans staying home if the GOP does pick a Bush. The GOP does not like Trump but they do not like Cruz ether. The GOP would only pick one that they know for sure that they can control. That would not be acceptable. Understand that you can call it Socialism, Communism, Dictatorship, or any other name IT IS ALL THE SAME! Control of the people.

If this happens I see the Democrats winning.

GS, There is no way in hell that the GOP would pick Rand Paul, they see him as more of a problem then Trump or Cruz. But if they had to pick they will pick Trump over Cruz. They know they will still have problems dealing with Trump but think that they can make some deals with him. I do not like this but would take it.

I also like many of what Paul and Cruz stand for but I am a realist and know that they can’t get the independent vote. No one has been elected president without the independent vote. By all the polls I have studied Trump is the one that gets the independent vote and this is why the MSNBC, CNN, ABC and even FOX want to take Trump down.

Understand me, I believe that America needs someone stronger on the Constitutional law to become president but in my heart I know that this will not happen because the media will call them a right wing nut and the independent voted will run to the other side.

The GOP better play this well because if they do not and go with what the people do not want the GOP will end as a party.