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I wouldn’t know how to find out if ours is using such software, officially. And I don’t read the local “rag,” nor would I trust them to do accurate reporting anyway. I just assume that they’re using the best tools they can afford, which may not be much, since their budget is horrible, and they’re losing personnel left and right). However, due to that low budget and low personnel numbers (as well as experience), they may be “supplementing” that with intel from such software.

I’ve read stories about this sort of thing previously, and I just presume I’m in all kinds of databases, like most other Americans – both government and commercial (Google, etc.). And understanding the immense power of databases, I assume “they” (whoever “they” are) know far more about me than I really wish they did. So what I do is limit what I add to those databases – whether it be through credit card purchases, cell phone applications like Google Maps, or whatever. Even that statement is about as far as I’m willing to go on line, or it starts implying too much about how I may or may not behave. Frankly, the implications are potentially quite frightening.

But I don’t lose a lot of sleep over it, or worry about our front door being crashed in by some LE-types, because I also don’t give them reason to. If there was some situation where they somehow thought they had reason to respond to our home, frankly I doubt our “threat score” would be at the bottom of the scale. I just do my best to keep it off the top of the scale also. Just my participation here is more than sufficient to keep it off the bottom. And what they know I own is also enough to keep it off the bottom. But there are far too many others that would be at the same general level of “threat,” so I have little concern that my “score” itself is enough to trigger any response. It would just heighten their concern IF they had to respond. My job is to not give them a reason to respond.