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I have not heard of anything like that around here. The one thing that has caught my interest is where newly hired police chiefs in our largest cities are coming from. Our largest city, Burlington (42,000 people), recently hired a new chief from NYC. Our 5th largest city, Rutland, (16,000 people) recently hired a new chief from Schenectady, NY. It seems odd to me that they are bringing in new chiefs from such vastly larger places. The new chief in Rutland seems to be off to a good start, though nothing serious has happened on his watch yet. I am a bit concerned about the new one in Burlington though. The DEA and State Police recently executed a drug bust there where the drug dealer was shot and killed. The shooting was justified but what concerns me is that the new Police Chief didn’t seem especially concerned that two shots went through the wall into an adjacent apartment. I watched him say this on TV with the look on his face sort of like “why are these folks so concerned about a couple stray bullets”. What he actually said:

“So the most powerful firearm in the hands of somebody who had shot somebody in the head before and who had allegedly taken a life before was right next door to all these citizens. If people don’t fear that, I don’t know what they fear. I don’t want them to fear the police unnecessarily or additionally. And I understand that they do,” said del Pozo.

The gun was a muzzleloader. I don’t like what looks to me as a NYC police mentality being introduced into this State.